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Food Package Industry Marking Solutions

Food Package Industry Marking Solutions

Application of laser marking in food package industry

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Food packaging use laser marking machine in food, beverage, such as alcohol and tobacco are marked on the package, mark have permanent, fully guarantee the food safety ; at the same time the use of laser marking machine in different mark on the material of package permanent text, symbols, date, batch number, bar code, QR code, such as all kinds of information, and laser marking machine is the packaging industry application of good helper. 

Food labeling mainly includes shelf life, production date, production batch number and tracking TWO-DIMENSIONAL code. These information for food manufacturers, distributors and consumers are very important information, professional coding technology equipment can meet the safety needs of manufacturers and enhance the brand image of manufacturers.

In daily life, consumers, food manufacturers and distributors will pay attention to food labeling. Consumers pay attention to food labeling to ensure that they are exposed to food with quality assurance within the shelf life, food manufacturers and distributors pay attention to food labeling to facilitate product management, good food labeling can also help food manufacturers gain brand trust.

At present, the mainstream labeling technology is code spraying technology and laser labeling technology, but the code spraying technology is not suitable for the food industry, the ink in the code contains lead and other heavy metal toxic elements, if the ink spraying contact with food, there will be safety problems. Because of its technical principle, laser marking technology will not produce any harmful substances after marking, and the marking information is permanently marked and cannot be erased, completely eliminating the possibility of tampering with the mark, and adding a guarantee for food safety.

Food packaging can also use information such as laser marking, barcode and destination, helping to establish a database system to track product movements in time. Help food manufacturers and distributors manage their products more scientifically.

What can our machines do in the food industry ?

CHUKE’s laser marking can also reduce consumables and help food manufacturers reduce production costs. The whole production process is green and pollution-free, which ensures the health of the machine operators.